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Spiritualist Directory

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The contents of this Directory are not in any particular order.  There will be more to come.  Some may not be specifically Spiritualist, but are related enough to have them listed here as they cover topics such as mediumship and the afterlife.  To find a Spiritualist Church in your area that is not listed here, you can perform an internet search to find one. Directories can be invaluable because not all Churches and Organizations have websites.



Afterlife Experiments   Gary Schwartz, PhD

American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

American Society for Psychical Research

Australian Spiritualist Directory

Emma Hardinge Britten Archive Open Source Scholarly Archive

Chasing Down Emma  Emma Hardinge Britten 

Camp Chesterfield    Indiana Camp U.S.A.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp    Florida Camp in U.S.A.- Open all Year

College of Psychic Studies United Kingdom

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  Film Footage of Sir Arthur

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 2 Links for Sir Arthur

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 3 1930 Voice Recording of Sir Arthur (discusses Spiritualism)

Connect with Spirit Call-in internet radio show about Spiritualism on Blog Talk Radio

Etherical Books Art Bosmans website containing Articles

Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association  Christian Spiritualism

Harry Edwards Healing Centre  United Kingdom

International Association for Near Death Studies (The)  U.S.A.

International Spiritualist Federation United Kingdom-International Membership

Internet Archive  Free Book Downloads

Jackie Gleason Parapsychology Collection University of Miami USA

Lighthouse Worldwide Spiritualist Directory

Lily Dale Assembly  U.S.A.

Mackenzie King, Former Canadian Prime Minister Spiritualism Archives

National Spiritualist Association of Churches  U.S.A

New Age Online E-Books  Spiritual Books

Dr. Michael Newton, Reincarnation Research

Nordic Spiritual Research Center, Rare Archival Books and Content

Paranormal Review Online Articles by Roy Stemman, U.K.

Parapsychology Foundation Inc.  Scientific Exploration of Psychic Phenomena

Physical Mediumship International Teaches and Promotes Physical Mediumship

Princeton University Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory U.S.A.

Dean Radin, Professor, Scientific Studies, U.S.A.

Dean Radin2 Professor, Article on Parapsychology

Dean Radin Blog

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake  Biologist, Parapsychologist United Kingdom 

The Scole Experiment  Afterlife Experiment/Research

Scottish Society for Psychical Research   Prof. Archie Roy

Scottish Spiritualist Federation United Kingdom

Society for Psychical Research United Kingdom

Spirithistory.com Contents Rare Spiritualist Material

Spiritualist Church of Canada

Spiritualist National Union United Kingdom

Spiritualist National Union Spiritualist Hymns

Spirit Photography Bibliography and Links

Spirit Writings  E-library of 1000s of spiritual books

Dr. Ian Stevenson  Reincarnation Research

Survival Research Institute  Directory of Canadian Spiritualist Churches and Organizations

University of Manitoba Canadian Archives of Spiritualist Photos (Spirit Photography)

Dr. Brian Weiss  Reincarnation Research, Past Life Regressionist 

Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation  Australia-Publisher of Psypioneer Newsletter

Victor Zammit A Lawyer’s Case for the Afterlife        



Please note that this Directory was originally published by me in the old Google Groups’ format that contained Pages in the Spiritualist Connections Group. This has been posted here in a effort to preserve the information with the links. This information has been editted as well and the formatting isn’t quite the same as the original. Not all links may be current or working as website owners may have moved or deleted their websites. An internet search using an organization’s or person’s name may provide a current website. More links will be added as indicated in the original preamble of the Directory.

Please also note that comments have been turned off due to the amount of spam submitted to the Blog. However you may start a discussion either at Spiritualist Connections or Intuitive Power.