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Oprah’s Future?

Crystal Ball

Oprah Winfrey’s announcement of her departure from network television marks the end of an era. It has made front-page news. She has truly been a woman of influence, a pioneer and a trailblazer. She is to be admired for her accomplishments.

Spiritually speaking, many of our decisions today create tomorrow’s outcomes. Different choices create different outcomes. Change a decision, change the outcome. Not everything in life is inflexible. Nor are we completely bound by Fate or Destiny.

My psychic impressions on Oprah’s choice to leave network television are: that she will loose the power to influence public opinion to the extent that she has with her show on the air; there will be instability and changes with her magazine O; as more time lapses from her departure from daytime television, Oprah will also have less influence in the political sphere. That’s not to say that Oprah Winfrey will not be a powerful person. She will always be powerful, but not in the same way.

The fact that Oprah was unable to positively influence the Olympic Committee demonstrates the power of constantly being on television, in the public eye . She was not on television where it would influence the Olympic Committee, so America lost it’s bid. Oprah’s television presence seems to have had no impact outside of North America. She doesn’t seem to have the same influence outside of the boundaries of where her show is televised. American President Barak Obama thought he was bringing a powerful influence with him, but that was not the case.

Rosie O’Donnell left her highly successful daytime talk show, pre the View. I had a psychic impression her influence would wane after she made that decision. And it did. She hasn’t had much public influence although still a celebrity.

Another celebrity whose popularity has almost disintegrated is controversial, shock radio personality Howard Stern. He did not have the power to take his listeners to Sirius paid radio. How many people really remember him now? I had the same psychic impression with him as with Rosie O’Donnell that his popularity would wane.

I’m only comparing the impact the widest scope of daily media exposure has for a celebrity or personality. Certainly, both Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah Winfrey are in a completely different category from Howard Stern in my opinion. I don’t see much value in what Howard Stern does from a spiritual perspective. That’s his choice and personal responsibility or Karma.

I do wish Oprah well as she continues on her life’s journey.

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