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Michael Jackson, Life and On The Other Side

I watched part of a CBC documentary on Michael Jackson last night called The Passionate Eye. I think it gave a truer account of the real Michael Jackson. The real Michael Jackson was a talented performer and songwriter. The real Michael Jackson was also a prescription drug addict and a pedophile (according to the Passionate Eye). All of Michael’s fame was diminished by his serious mental health/psychiatric issues, prescription drug addiction (Deepak Chopra on CNN) and pedophilia. Former employees and persons in the know gave the real picture of Michael Jackson. Wacko Jacko is the unfortunate sad truth rather than The King of Pop when it comes to Michael Jackson in my opinion.

The entire world is in a hysterical frenzy at the moment. Expressions of grief are pouring in from fans that are complete strangers. I am always saddened by any loss, any pain, any grief or misfortune suffered by anyone. However, I find this hysterical grieving from fans for someone who amounts to be a perfect stranger and pedophile somewhat perplexing. Good, decent people suffer and die every day. I believe this hysteria over a famous or should I say infamous person’s death diminishes the average decent persons’ lives. Where are the hysterical outcries over their deaths?

So, what’s happening with Michael Jackson in the Afterlife? I would ask that you reflect on a few of quotes: “You can’t take it with you”; and “As men we are all equal in the presence of death” Publilius Syrus. I posted the quote by Publilius Syrus on Twitter last night.

Other quotes and concepts to reflect on are “As ye sow, so shall ye reap,” from the Bible (also called the Law of Cause and Effect in Spiritualism) and Karma from Eastern Religions. Try to keep all the above quotes in mind when reading the next paragraphs.

Michael is most likely adjusting to his new surroundings, which I’m sure are quite a surprise to him. When we make the transition to the Afterlife or Other Side, we arrive in a place that reflects the type of person we were in our physical lives. Our place in the Afterlife or Other Side really reflects our character, personality and how we lived our lives. We are stripped bare of our materialistic trappings. All physical illnesses are left behind. If some brain dysfunction caused Michael’s bizarre behavior, that will have disappeared on the Other Side. The true self will have been exposed.

Michael Jackson, like most people will have to adjust to life on the Other Side. Michael will always have the opportunity to progress in the Afterlife. And, if he wishes, he will make contact with his loved ones who have been left behind, either through dreams, impressions or perhaps even Mediums. See my other Post “Channeling Elvis or Marilyn Monroe”.

Getting back to the frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, I would suggest that people use a little common sense. I would go so far as to say step back and take a reality check. There are others who have gone before Michael Jackson with the same amount of sensationalism only to fade from memory and notoriety. Remember Anna Nicole….. who?

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