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Bad Guys of Our Faltering Economy


I thought I’d take the opportunity to list some of the businesses and governments that I believe really take advantage of the consumer and taxpayer. Some are in Canada, where I’m from. Others are from America. Of course, what happens in America has an international impact. One doesn’t have to be psychic to see what’s happening. But, my psychic faculties do tell me who’s telling the truth regarding their business practices. Those industries and governments that are being discussed in this article are not being truthful in my opinion based on my psychic impressions.

There are several industries and levels of government that in my opinion really gouge the general public. Government is hands off the industries I’m going to list. They pretty well have carte blanche to do whatever they want and charge whatever they want. Other types of businesses are barely hanging on due to over-regulation or just because they are being gouged on all levels.

The oil industry has played a major role in the collapse of the world economy. This industry is still trying its old tricks by having oil prices start creeping up. Oil should really be back below 70 cents a liter in Canada.

Insurance companies like AIG have also lead to the collapse of the world economy. They have gouged their customers for years supported by all levels of government. Governments have even ended up defending their practices while drivers, homeowners and businesses have had to face up to a 300% increase in their insurance premiums. No watchdog here.

Now the banks are a category unto themselves. Their credit card policies are tantamount to loan sharking in my opinion. Their personal line of credit policies are the old bait and switch. And, without any competition Banks charge all kinds of service charges. Again, gouging the consumer.

Whatever happened to competition? We also only have 3 mobile providers, one cable company and one satellite dish company in my City. All charge basically the same price as the other. All overcharge their customers. As well, we only have two telephone and Internet providers who charge the same outrageous prices.

Also Microsoft pretty well has a monopoly on the computer business. That’s not good for the consumer. And how about all technology purposely being designed so badly that everything breaks. One has to continually keep upgrading. Nothing lasts as it used to. That’s actually on purpose.

Everything is manufactured specifically not to last so the consumer has to spend, spend, spend. The consumer has no choice where necessities are concerned.

Food is a big component as well. Prices go up with the excuse of higher oil prices, the lower dollar and costs, but never come down. Back around 2004, oil prices were much lower, the Canadian dollar was worth much less than it is today. And food prices were much lower. The rationale used by food stores is just not credible.

Also cat food is priced much higher than dog food even though the same ingredients are used. A bag of premium dry cat food is 1/4 the size of a bag of dog food and the cost is the same as the dog food. That means cat owners pay 3/4 more than dog owners for their dry cat food. Pretty much the same applies for canned food.

And here’s something most women know. Women’s dry cleaning costs almost double that of a man’s dry cleaning. There is a large differential even though men’s clothing is quite a bit larger in most cases.

There are two levels of Government in my area that keep introducing tax after surtax after tax. Their procedures are convoluted, complicated and costly. There is a reason that companies/industries and governments make things complicated. In my opinion and based on my psychic impressions, it is a way to fool and take financial advantage of the consumer and taxpayer.

People have the vote. The consumer also has purchasing or non purchasing power. Folks also have the ability to complain. The Federal Government has to intervene in the businesses and government levels I’ve described. There need to be more checks and balances and a level playing field for everyone. If there’s no intervention, I psychically see the Canadian economy continue to go downhill even further until such time as it sinks in that intervention is needed here.

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