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Psychic Investigator?

I got a call on December 8, 2006 from a production person who works for a TV show called “Psychic Investigators.” The TV show airs in Canada and the U.S. I was asked whether I had ever worked with the police to solve one of their cases. I said that I hadn’t. The production person was looking for a Canadian to feature on one of the shows. They called me in that regard.

That got me thinking. I’ve never been approached by any one in law enforcement to work on a case. I’m wondering if there’s a reason why law enforcement doesn’t publicize a psychic’s involvement in a case in Canada. Or do they even use psychics in my area? I haven’t received any information from my Spirit Guides about this, so I guess I’m left to wonder.

There are quite a lot of TV shows these days about both psychics and mediums. I mentioned “Mediums in the Mainstream” in an earlier article. I would think that mainstream society wouldn’t find this kind of investigative tool too farfetched.

Even if a psychic’s reading couldn’t be used in court, a psychic could certainly help find some clues for the police. The evidence found by a psychic could be used in court. This would be of great benefit to police in some difficult and unsolved, “cold” cases. It would also help families get justice.

I think if I were approached by law enforcement, I would seriously consider helping them. Likely if I were approached, it would be on a confidential basis. In any case, I was certainly flattered to get a call of this kind from a television show that thought I might be a good candidate to feature on their program.

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