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Christmas Candlelight Service 2008


Normally I don’t post about the Spiritualist Church Services in which I am one of the Officiants where I’ve got my Minister’s collar on so to speak. But the Christmas Candlelight Service held at the Toronto Spiritualist Temple(Temple) on December 24, 2008 was so beautiful and moving, I felt I had to talk about it. I should mention that it was the only Spiritualist Church in the Greater Toronto Area to have a Service on Christmas Eve. Here’s a link to the Temple’s regular Schedule. From time to time I post the Temple’s special events on either the Intuitive Power Group or the Spiritualist Connections Group. You can subscribe to any of the Groups by either e-mail or RSS/Atom without having to become a member. I would also like to mention again Spiritualist Connections online, virtual Church for those who are unable to attend a Spiritualist Church.

Getting back to the Candlelight Service, the weather was quite terrible. Still, the Church was full, with a large physical congregation along with those from the Spirit World. Some in attendance from the Spirit World were Ministers from the Church who had passed on. I saw a lot of faces, many whom I did not recognize. But my Spirit Guides let me know that they were “former” Ministers of the Church. I was also told by my Spirit Guides that many “former” Church members attended as well. I was wondering who all the Spirits were whether they were loved ones brought along by the congregation. So my Guides let me know who they were.

Special music was provided by Jonathan Urie and Elizabeth Jean Haighway. It has become a Christmas tradition to have these very talented people provide the music and special solos at this Service. Music is so healing and uplifting. I could see how positive the effect was on the congregation from my vantage point on the platform.

When the Advent Candles were lighted and Bible passages were read I could also see the positive effect on the congregation. Everyone seemed to be absorbing the spiritual message of Christmas.

The end of the Service was particularly beautiful when the lights were dimmed and each candle held by the congregation was lighted until there were a sea of candles and points of light filling the Church. The evening ended by singing Silent Night with all the lovely lights filling the Temple.

Everyone left with a smile on their face, myself included.

God Bless Us Everyone!

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