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Spiritualist Connections Has Something Brand New!

I’ve added a new area to Spiritualist Connections Group. The Group’s software has certain limitations in terms of posting audio and video files. The new area is being hosted on my website. The address is www.spiritualistconnections.intuitivepower.ca. Click on Media to go to the audio files. The video file(s) are located by clicking on Gallery.

From the Homepage:

Welcome to the Spiritualist Connections Virtual, Online Spiritualist Meeting Place/”Church”. Our Mission is to provide an area where you can peacefully sojourn, enjoy the beautiful music, meditations and prayers.

From the About Us Page:

I decided I would like to add more functionality to Spiritualist Connections. And, I also wanted to provide a virtual “Church” for those who don’t have a Spiritualist Church near them or are unable to physically attend Church. The intention is to add more as time goes by. So, here we are.

I’ve posted the article called “Spiritualism’s Who’s Who” in the Pages Section of the Spiritualist Connections Group. Please click on the link in the first sentence. As you may recall, I talked about my research in a previous Blog Article. Hope you find it informative.

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    I am, Thomas
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