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Researching Spiritualism’s Who’s Who

DetectiveI’ve spent a fair amount of time in the last while researching famous 21st century Spiritualists; people one would consider household names like Oprah for instance. I have found a respectable number of early Modern Spiritualists who I would characterize as the elite of society. I described two former world leaders, President Abraham Lincoln and Prime Minister of Canada William Lyon Mackenzie King, who were undeclared Spiritualists in an earlier Article“Famous Historical Believers in the Afterlife” on my Blog. I have found no one so far in 2008 who identifies Spiritualism as their religion. I realize that Spiritualists are small in number relative to other faith communities. I really thought I could find one or two. So far I haven’t.

Perhaps there is still a hesitancy to identify oneself as a Spiritualist. I would hope not given the enormous popularity of celebrity mediums. Two of the celebrity mediums, John Edward and Sylvia Browne , are packing them in as it were in Las Vegas. Browne and Edward along with James Van Praagh have had numerous appearances on Larry King Live (CNN) and on other very high profile TV programs. If my memory is correct, one or more of them has had books on the New York Times bestseller’s lists. However, all the readings and material that Sylvia Browne, John Edward and James Van Praagh present has its basis or origins in the Religion of Spiritualism even though they don’t appear to acknowledge it.

I’m putting the finishing touches on an article I’m writing for my Spiritualist Connections Group. I’m hoping to have it completed soon. And, I will add any names with a description I may come across after the Article is posted. Of course, I would welcome any input on names of famous 21st century Spiritualists so long as the information can be confirmed. I’ll post the Article here as well.

I’m feeling the Spirit presence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I guess he’s drawn to me because I’ve been focusing on him quite a bit in Articles and Film Footage. I have been getting “the game is afoot” quite a bit, a quote from Sherlock Holmes . And, so it is with my research.

Here’s an example of some of my research, a very rare clip of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (click on the You Tube icon to enlarge the screen). Please enjoy this very rare glimpse into history:

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  1. Administrator Says:

    I just wanted to add that I have found a modern-day celebrity that I can and have added to my Article on Spiritualism’s Who’s Who. It is actor Dan Aykroyd of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbuster’s fame. He comes from a long line of Spiritualists. You may read about him in the discussion section of my Article by clicking on Spiritualism’s Who’s Who or go directly to the Article about Dan Aykroyd