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In Loving Memory of Another Purrrfect Spirit

CandleKellyCandleAnother of my beloved purrrfect kitties, Kelly, lost her battle with kidney disease on May18, 2008. This is a tribute to her life as well as all pets who bless our lives with unconditional love.

Kelly was diagnosed with kidney disease about 3 years ago. She had some other medical problems. But, I was able to give her 3 more years than she would have had using a holistic approach to her care. Those extra years were a cherished gift. Overall, she had a good quality of life up until recently when her age, about 17, contributed to her passing.

Kelly was one of the gentlest, sweetest kitties I’ve ever had. She was a beautiful soul inside and out. She never bit or scratched anyone under any circumstances. Kelly only liked to give love bites. She would find a suitable spot on your face and lick it. To make sure her kisses were sealed, she’d give you a quick nibble. Kelly was also a big cuddler, always on your lap, tummy, feet, whatever was available. I can’t find enough words or the right words to express what a truly sweet, affectionate and loving cat Kelly was.

Kelly was a stray, a foundling in my backyard in the summer of 1993 like so many of my cats. Most of my cats were either strays or offspring of strays. She fit right in with the rest of the brood. There was no rivalry or scrapping, just purring and cuddling.

I will miss her physical presence, but know she will visit me often from the Afterlife just like the rest of my beloved pets who have crossed over before her. My pets and I have always been psychically in tune. That brings me much comfort. I might even get a little love bite from her. That would be wonderful.

I have paid tribute to my other pets who’ve passed on in a previous post, all loved and missed. Please click on “In Loving Memory of a Purrrfect Spirit” to read my tribute. Sharing this honors Kelly’s life and gives it meaning. She was a blessing in my life as all my pets were a blessing. It also helps with my grieving process to share this. I hope in some small way, if you are grieving the loss of a person or pet, it helps you as well.

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