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Gouging at the Gas Pumps, Energy Rip-offs

Robbing Gaspumps

Although I saw this coming back in January of this year when I made my predictions, it gives me no satisfaction to be right.

I’d like to offer some psychic insights on the whole oil, gasoline and natural gas industry. In my opinion, based on my psychic impressions, all of the energy industry are engaging in what I would call a form of carpetbagging (gouging and taking advantage of an unsettled situation).

I don’t believe any of the rationalizations the oil companies and governments are giving about shortages. There were unstable governments 10 years ago and the same difficulties. In my opinion, the environment has changed today where everyone in the energy industry is working together to cheat the consumer and bring western economies to their knees. And it seems the energy industry, including the Oil Cartel is succeeding in destabilizing the U.S. Economy in particular.

There was a story on one of the local TV stations in my area that Canadian gas pumps are cheating the consumer, not giving the amount that they say they are. So, that means that when we fill up, we’re really not filling up. More insult to injury.

In my opinion, key players in all of this are the outgoing American President and Vice President. It’s pretty scary to know that only a few people with unscrupulous motives can do so much harm on such a worldwide scale.

My psychic impressions and opinions are that folks have to let their politicians know en masse and in no uncertain terms that these energy prices are unacceptable before it’s too late. Nothing is forever. Things go in cycles, even if it’s a long cycle. This can be turned around if enough pressure is put on politicians from us regular folks.

Speaking of politicians, even though many have Obama fever(endorsed by a terrorist group according to candidate John McCain when he appeared on the Jon Stewart Comedy Show); when Bill Clinton was President, America had a very strong, vibrant economy and oil prices were half or more than half of what they are today. Just some observations. And, a little food for thought. This is probably a good subject for another article.

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