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Wayne Dyer Jumps on the Law of Attraction Bandwagon

Snake Oil Sales
I saw an advertisement for a new book of Dr. Dyer’s on the Law of Attraction . Well, I never would of believed it of Dr. Wayne Dyer. He’s jumped on the Law of Attraction Bandwagon, albeit a little late. That fad died down a year ago.

The current fads seem to be Eckhart Tolle and the Moses Code. Same stuff, different day. Salvation, utopia, as long as you buy their books and CDs. Funny how people end up buying yet another new book to change their life only to continue to have the magic formula for a perfect life elude them. If all these books had the answers in the first place, no one would need another book.

And, so the cycle continues until the next books come along. The authors are laughing all the way to the bank. These types of books are an industry.

Getting back to Dr. Dyer, I’ve for the most part thought highly of him and his books. However, this is a bit too much. I’m sorry if this is a little controversial. I know how popular he is. However, in my opinion , folks are being duped by authors who make false promises that you can get whatever you want. I want to also say that I believe in the Law of Attraction, but certainly not in the context of a magic elixir and cure all. That is how it comes across to me from certain authors and spirituality gurus.

Here are links to a couple of previous articles on my Blog about the Law of Attraction and why I think the authors are really selling snake oil. Please click on Debunking the Secret and Other Cure Alls and Debunking the Secret and Other Cure Alls, Part 2

Here’s another link to an Article posted on the Intuitive Power Message Board and Forum by Dr. Dean Randin who’s research doesn’t support the power of positive thinking. A little more food for thought.

2 Responses to “Wayne Dyer Jumps on the Law of Attraction Bandwagon”

  1. notconvinced Says:

    I know Dr. Dyer personally, and he really just a skirt chasing capitalist. He really does laugh all the way to the bank, and his kids live in unbelievable spoiled wealth. Not spiritual at all, IMHO.

  2. Administrator Says:

    That’s pretty sad for someone with his reputation as a Spirituality Guru.