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Valentine’s Day


Ah, the time of year when thoughts turn to romantic love with chocolates, flowers and gifts. This is all in celebration of romantic love. Will you be my Valentine? This can be heard as Cupid shoots his arrow of love. Click on the following link for the origins and practices of Valentine’s Day

This holiday makes me reflect on romantic relationships as they relate to soul mates and twin flames. I have a Soul Mates seminar that I do that explores and gives insights into our soul mates and twin flames. The seminar is valid all year ‘round. It’s just that this happens to be Valentine’s Day so I’ve been thinking about it. Some of the information from the seminar is discussed in this article. Also, one of the most asked questions during readings all year is about romantic relationships.

Often we are looking for love in all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons, with all the wrong people. For the women reading this, our knights in shining armor are really knights in rusting and disintegrating armor.

In my opinion men and women have an unrealistic idea of what relationships are. Once again, I have to point a finger at the media for instilling unrealistic expectations into people. The unrealistic expectations run the gamut from body types, behaviors, promiscuity, unfaithfulness….. Just tune into one of the so-called reality shows. Those shows are the furthest thing from reality there is.

True and lasting relationships are based on love, compatibility, having similar interests, being true friends, enjoying one another’s company. People who are together for a long time are there through thick and thin, and don’t abandon their partners/spouses when life’s challenges come along. And, they always do. People who really love each other find beauty in their spouse’s/partner’s appearance as they are and don’t try to change it. Not changing holds true for other things as well. No one can make another person over to suit them. We are who we are.

Passion is not love. So, if passion dies or changes and the relationship dies with it, then there was no real love there. Passion is a part of a relationship, not the whole.

Remember each of us deserves a quality relationship. Don’t settle for second best. I’ve had my share of clients who just want to be in a relationship at all costs. And, it has cost them quite a lot. They paid much too high a price to be in just any relationship. Some of the things that some of my clients have experienced are cheating partners, abandonment with small children, verbal and physical abuse. Try to keep in mind if you’re single and unhappy about it, there are worse things than being single! Think about a divorce rate of 50% give or take. And, that’s only counting marriages.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to absolutely everyone. Remember, you’re always someone’s Valentine!

Note: The above Article was originally published by me February 14, 2008 under the tag of Psychic Insights. I felt the topic should be revisited and brought foward.

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