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Photo Proves Afterlife

Olga and Spirit

I was going through my photos and came across this photo taken at Lily Dale Spiritualist Camp of a friend and I a few years ago. In my opinion, this photo I’ve posted adds to the body of physical evidence proving the existence of the Afterlife. You can click on my previous article “Physical Phenomena Proves Afterlife ” for more evidence.

Notice the white light around me. That’s me on the right. The white light doesn’t extend to my friend sitting next to me. It is in front of me and you can see it extend slightly to the right of me. The white, hazy light surrounding me is definitely Spirit. White light represents the highest levels of Spirit.

Another friend of mine took the picture. She used a regular camera, not a digital one. And, I had no hand in developing the photo. I have only blocked out the face of the person sitting next to me so as not to identify them. That’s the only alteration to the photo that has been made.

What cannot be seen by the naked eye can often be captured on camera in photos or recorded via Electronic Voice Phenomena. With lots of repetition and making a request of the Spirits, you might be able to capture a Spirit or a Spiritual presence in a photo. An old fashioned Polaroid camera might be a good choice. Hard copies of the photos would be developed on the spot. Capturing Spirit in the photo in this article was not deliberate. It was just a friend taking a photo of other friends. There are any number of sites on the internet that talk about this.

I am aware of my Spirit Guides around me. Even when I get caught up in the stuff of daily life. This is a very pleasant, uplifting and very physical reminder of their presence.

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