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In Loving Memory of a Purrrrfect Spirit

My beloved purrrfect kitty Tiffany lost her battle with Cancer on October 18, 2007. This is a tribute to her life as well as all pets who bless our lives with unconditional love.

My little treasure was a stray, as all my cats have been strays or offspring of strays. It was communicated to me by one of my Spirit Guides that she would be my kitty even before she made her way to my backyard. My neighbor and I fed her for about 8 months before she trusted us. Tiffany got into a fight with another animal and had developed an abscess. It became urgent that I get her to a Veterinarian. So, I did and welcomed her into my home with my other cats.

Tiffany was a bit feral having had to fend for herself all those months. She was feisty, snarly, fun, playful, sassy, spunky and loving. And she was as round as a pumpkin despite being outside all those months.

Tiffany took time to adjust to her new life indoors. In just a little over thirteen years that she blessed my life, she became mellower as she grew older. I can remember a few times that I was glad she was a watch-cat and alerted me to a few things. She started licking a pipe in my bathroom that had started to leak. She brought my attention to a leak that could have caused a lot of damage and money.

My little furry darling was a wonderful companion. She was diagnosed with cancer a short month ago. I used everything at my disposal, including Spiritual Healing, to make her as comfortable as possible until her last day. Tiffany had started down the slippery slope on Tuesday. By Thursday, I knew it was time. Nothing I tried made her comfortable. She was suffering. So, I made the decision to put her to sleep. Luckily I was able to get an appointment quickly. The euthanasia was done very compassionately while I was present. I told her how much she was loved as she passed. It literally took a second. Tiffany had done all she was meant to do as my beloved companion.

My little girl is still with me now living the life of a Spirit without a physical body. I’ve seen her and felt her around me. I am grieving the loss of her physical presence. I will miss petting and cuddling her. But she’s still here. She is happy and without pain. She can be with me or go off and do what she needs to do in the afterlife.

Animals go to Heaven. There is an Afterlife for them as well. They are precious souls who as our pets provide such unconditional love. It’s no wonder pets are used as therapy with children, the disabled and seniors. The main reason I became a vegetarian was because animals have souls and I didn’t need to kill them to survive. But that’s something for another article.

Mediums and Spiritualist Ministers go through the grieving process just like everyone else. And the grieving process has not become easier or different with each loss, for me at least. Life happens to everyone. No one is immune from life. Please see my September 2006 article, “Life Happens, Don’t Shoot the Messenger.”

I would like to share with you all the names of my pets that have passed over my lifetime to honor them. What a blessing they all have been. Blackey, Percy, Toby, Miranda, Melissa, Andy, Isis, Barney, Max, Samantha, Tiffany. Blackey was my only dog. All visit me from the Other Side of life. Friends’ pets or animals from the Other Side that have touched me in some way come to visit as well.

Sharing this with my readers is helping me with my grieving process. It is my sincere hope that my sharing will help others who have suffered a loss whether a beloved pet or person.

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  1. Administrator Says:

    I wish to express my gratitude to all those who sent Private Condolences on the loss of my beloved pet cat Tiffany.

    Thank you. It was much appreciated.


  2. Reader Says:

    Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. It meant a lot. :)

  3. Administrator Says:


    Your’re very welcome. I’m glad it helped.


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