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Physical Phenomena Proves Afterlife

I had the rare opportunity to personally witness physical phenomena a few years back. My experience adds to the body of evidence proving the existence of the Afterlife to me.

I chose this topic because there are a couple of very special demonstrations of physical phenomena in September that I cannot attend. It got me thinking about physical phenomena. I thought I’d share my personal experiences.

I wrote an article for my Church’s publication recounting my experiences. So, I still have a record of the details of exactly what took place.

Back in June of 2002, I attended the International Spiritualist Federation Convention here in Mississauga (just outside of Toronto) Ontario Canada. There were a couple of demonstrations of physical phenomena that I was privileged to witness.

The late Rev. Barbara Thurman, President of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches facilitated a demonstration of table turning. Several of us, myself included, placed our fingertips barely touching the wooden TV table. We invited all those of the highest and best caliber in the Spirit Realms to attend and give evidence of their presence by making our TV table turn. The Spirits obliged us enthusiastically by making the TV table dance around the workshop space. We all had to be extremely mindful of our toes!

Then we placed this same table on top of another large table so we could all get a better view. It began to gyrate again and floated off the larger table onto the floor. We managed to levitate it! No need to be a psychic or a medium. Proof was there plain as day.

We tried to levitate the much larger table, but were unsuccessful. This table was vibrating quite a bit though. The small TV table was more than adequate to say the least.

The late Marjory Kite, President of the International Spiritualist Federation, led a workshop on ectoplasm manifestation. This is another form of physical mediumship that was prevalent in the earlier days of Spiritualism. A black box was set up with the Medium inside. Unfortunately, despite a wonderful atmosphere, with a terrific and positive group, nothing manifested. To me this just shows that it wasn’t meant to be. And, there was no trickery involved. How many times have we heard that you can’t force a Spirit to communicate?

Vision TV’s show Enigma here in Canada featured table turning on one of its shows last season. The Survival Research Institute in Canada was the focus of this particular show. I think this episode might be available on DVD.

There are other types of physical mediumship that are used today. One is the pendulum where a person can dowse yes or no answers to questions. And, there is the divining rod used to find water. Both are forms of divination.

Then there’s the much maligned Ouiji Board. I’ve never been able to understand how some think that an inanimate object can draw nasty spirits to it. If bad things come, it really has to do with the persons using it. Spirits are drawn to those who are similar to them. And, there have been too many movies and TV shows depicting boogie men etc. Imagination combined with fear has run amok, it seems. To me it’s like saying a vacuum cleaner can draw evil spirits. I’ll leave it at that.

There is quite a lot of research going on about the Afterlife these days. There’s lots of media coverage as well. I think to a large degree this is going on because of Spiritualism’s influence. Afterlife knowledge and research is very much in the mainstream quite apart from what the major religions teach. It would be nice if there was some form of recognition given to Spiritualism, an honorable mention at least.

Dr. Gary Schwartz has done some excellent work and published his book called the “Afterlife Experiments”(for some reason his website was off-line at the time this article was written.) It may come back. Try www.openmindsciences.com. You can always do an internet search. Victor Zammit has also published a great book. He continues to do excellent work as well. Please click on Victor Zammit on my Blogroll.

I find great comfort in receiving positive reinforcement of the existence of the Afterlife through both physical and the experiential, spiritual phenomena I experience as a Psychic-Medium.

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  1. C. A. Says:

    Exciting blog post pertaining to Physical Phenomena Proves Afterlife. Thoroughly enjoy this articles.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Thanks C.A. I’m glad you enjoy the articles.


  3. Administrator Says:

    Please note that Dr. Gary Schwartz who wrote the “Afterlife Experiments” that I mention in this Article has a new website. Click on Veritas Arizona.

  4. D.S. Says:


    I have been reading this blog for some time now but never bothered to comment until today. Wanted to let you know that I am a fan and enjoy your work.



  5. Arnold Says:

    Good post. Your blog is really interesting. To have a good blog you should not only to post smth, but do it interesting. You managed with it - thanks.

  6. Gina Says:

    There was no such activities on the program at Toronto, so if the two “late” mediums you speek of did do what you claimed, they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing, I know , I was there and was one of the organisers.
    A lot of other stuff DID happen, like the ISF got rid of that awful cheating Lionel Owen, you must have been at a different conference.

    And why dont you mention why over half of the ISF members have left since this new wicked president, Ann Luck took over?

  7. Administrator Says:


    Sorry, but I think you are thinking of a different conference. I only have ever attended one ISF Conference and that was in 2002. I was a participant in the table tipping and levitation. I was only there for certain lectures and workshops, not voting or anything else.

    I am not a member of the ISF. I have no knowledge of the inner workings/politics of the Organization, only my one-time experience in 2002 and what I’ve read on the internet. Your dissatisfaction should be addressed to those who can effect change in the ISF. Please refrain from making derogatory remarks about others in the ISF on this Blog.

  8. Gina Says:

    Anyone who signs up with this ISF are as guilty as they are for supporting child rape.

    If you dont like what people say about the ISF, you should not even speak about them yourself, or else find out the facts and truth.

    I have the program in front of me and NO table tilting was supposed to be taking place, so if it did, it was NOT with the ISF blessing!

  9. Administrator Says:


    I understand that you are upset with the ISF. But, you shouldn’t be directing your anger at me. I guess you didn’t understand my last reply to you about my not being a member of the ISF and that I participated in the table tipping and levitation. Frankly, in the scheme of things, what does it matter what occurred 6 years ago? So what if things happened that weren’t part of the programme? Those folks have passed to Spirit.

    Also, I have commented on what went on with Mervyn Johnson and his conviction in another Blog Article called Politics, Controversy at the International Spiritualist Federation . You seem to be confusing this Article with the other.

    If you click on the Terms of Use for my Blog, comments are approved at my sole discretion. You were attacking 2 people and engaging in name-calling. That’s why I asked you to refrain from doing so. If you continue Gina, I’m afraid this will be the last comment I approve and reply to.


  10. jason kenny Says:

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  13. Ex Boyfriend Says:

    The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  14. Administrator Says:

    Ex Boyfriend,

    No I haven’t written posts for other bloggers per se. I do have a Group that I host for which I have written Articles.


  15. KeHoeff Says:

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  16. O S I Says:

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