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Mediums in the Mainstream

Mediums are now mainstream. Many are celebrities who have had their books on the best-sellers’ list. And, there have been several television shows in recent years that have popularized mediums. We’ve come a long way from the days when the general public used to think that mediums were witches. There appear to be some small-minded, very narrow thinking, ill-informed individuals who still believe this, but luckily they are in the minority.

I am often asked where the term Medium comes from. It actually is a term that was coined when the religion of Spiritualism was formed back in 1848. Until that time, the term medium was unknown. Now, of course, it has widespread use in mainstream society and the media. And from my observations, celebrity mediums seldom refer to or acknowledge the source of the word if ever. To my knowledge, they do not call themselves Spiritualists. The celebrity mediums appear to have reworked Spiritualism into a secular package leaving out any reference to the religion.

To supply a bit of background, Spiritualism is centered on the proof of survival of the soul after the physical body dies. The proof is provided by connecting with loved ones from The Other Side and bringing verifiable messages through from them. There are other principles, but the most important, I believe, is proof of survival of the soul via mediumship. It is the basis, foundation and core of Spiritualism. This defines and separates Spiritualism from other religions.

Let’s hope that Mediumship and awareness about the Afterlife will continue and not be a passing fad. Various forms of spirituality come in and out of fashion regularly. We do have the stability of over 150 years of Spiritualism that we can always turn to if things change. It’s not my intention to proselytize but I do have an obvious bias being a Spiritualist Minister. I just want to state the facts as I see them.

I feel that those of us who believe in Mediumship have got to keep putting out the good thoughts so that this belief can be kept in the public eye. And, those of us who have knowledge must do our best to get it out to the public. I think writing books, being on television, using the internet and weblogging are all great tools to accomplish this goal.

Public awareness on a massive scale is a great thing. It’s wonderful that the message has gotten out that we live eternally as souls regardless of how it was packaged or who brought it out into mainstream society. It has taken away the fear of death. That is particularly comforting to those who are terminally ill. And, it has provided great comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

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