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Channeling Elvis or Marilyn Monroe

Lots of people seem to have set up experiments that have failed miserably to channel Elvis, Marilyn Monroe or other famous people. Ever wondered why they have failed? Is it because the Mediums or the Channels are fakes? That’s what critics say.

I don’t believe the Mediums or Channels are fake. I think the experiments were doomed to fail from the very start because of the way they were set up. I doubt that even if Elvis or Marilyn did show up, that the so-called experts would admit it anyway. They would say that it was trickery or a magic trick even though they have control of the so-called “experiment.”

What would cause Elvis or Marilyn Monroe to contact someone? The answer is a bond. And that bond is love. The bond of love and affection of some sort of life tie transcends the limits of time, space and past lives lived. From an afterlife perspective, and in the broader scheme of things, strangers from Spirit aren’t necessarily strangers.

If you were a famous “deceased” Spirit, would you like to attend a séance where you would be ambushed, your presence ridiculed? Since Spirits have a much broader perspective from the Afterlife and understand and see people’s motives, why would they subject themselves to that negative experience? There’s no need on their part to do anything of that sort or to prove anything to anyone. It’s a Spirit’s choice whether they wish to communicate or not. And, they’ve done their time on earth.

The best chance for Elvis or Marilyn Monroe or other famous people to communicate from the afterlife is to have someone they loved dearly in the room. A good example is if Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie sat with an authentic medium and wanted to communicate with her father. Chances are quite good it would happen. Anyone Elvis was close to and loved would have a pretty good chance of a spirit communication from him.

The same principle holds true for Marilyn Monroe and other famous people. A world leader like former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King used to communicate with Sir Wilfred Laurier (from the Afterlife) through a Medium. This shows that there were common interests and both had mutual respect for one another. They were both great politicians and world leaders of their time. It is key for a Spirit to have some sort of very strong common interest and desire if love is not the link or bond.

Skeptics also want to measure the presence of spirits in an acceptable form to them. The problem is that there really isn’t one instrument that can do that yet as far as I’m aware. Spirits have been photographed and recorded but the skeptics say that there’s some trickery involved. There have also been electro-magnetic measurements taken in a room where spirits have been present. The electro-magnetic fields have noticeably changed indicating a presence of a spirit.

If a Spirit materialized in front of a skeptic, a few things might happen. They would likely deny it as some form of deception or they would faint from sheer freight. I’m sure a skeptic wouldn’t recognize a spirit if they tripped over one.

” For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible”(unknown).

Let’s also consider that skeptics who make a theatrical production of “disproving” the existence of the Afterlife and Spirit Communication are mostly professional skeptics. That means that they make their living being Professional Skeptics. They write books, articles, appear on tv, basically get paid for being a skeptic. To me that calls into question any form of objectivity or expertise. What makes them an expert on the subject other than they are excellent at publicizing their skepticism? For them it’s all about sensationalism. They can’t prove that there aren’t spirits. But, it sure makes good tv.

Who ever heard of X-rays 100 plus years ago? If you told someone we’d fly to the moon back then, you’d probably be locked away somewhere. Technology and science has always been many steps behind truly understanding the nature of reality and the Universe. Humanity is in its technological and scientific infancy still.

When the time is right, we’ll have some acceptable machine to prove spirit’s unquestioned existence to everyone. Until then, we’ll rely on authentic mediums as we have done throughout history to bridge between this world and the next in what is irrefutable proof to the recipient(s) of the spirit communications.

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