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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Before I answer some frequently asked questions, I’d like to clarify that the term Reading is a catchall term that I’ll be using in this article. And, I will keep the article as conversational as possible. The Article covers most questions. If there are other questions about my services, you may ask them in the comments section. Readings will not be given here. Sorry, but nor will information be given that falls within my professional services. Please book an appointment using my E-Store or visit my website for contact information.

Q. Why Should I get a Reading?

A. To find out what you have planned for yourself in your life, to help solve problems, to understand and to receive messages from those who you care about who have passed on.

Q. And how will that help me?

A. You will be able to plan for events so that you can deal with them. And sometimes, by knowing ahead of time, you can avoid them. You will also receive guidance and coaching as to how to resolve your problems. You will be comforted by messages/communication by those who have passed on. You will be free of the fear of death when you receive verifiable information from the Beyond that there is an Afterlife.

Q. If I’m having trouble with money, can you help?

A. Spirit Guides will provide guidance for your situation and help you navigate through your financial troubles so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, this will be a common sense, practical approach from them. No lottery numbers are given as a bailout. That’s not what life is all about. Understanding will be brought to the situation.

Q. Can you help with love relationships?

A. Yes. Spirit Guides will pass on information to me. Too many people are looking for love in all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons and from all the wrong people. Again, this will be a common sense, practical approach from the Higher Spiritual Forces.

Q. Do you cover topics of a Spiritual Nature?

Absolutely. Understanding of the nature of reality comes through. Each person is here to learn. We can tell that person what it is. Hopefully if the person is ready psychologically, the lesson can be learned more quickly. In that way painful experiences can be minimized. Fate (Karma) and Destiny come into play here.

Q. Why do you tell people the good and bad things that happen to them?

A. Life is a mix of ups and down, the good things and the not so good. Sensitive information does get communicated. It is sometimes difficult to process. I have strong views on accuracy and integrity. My authenticity as a Medium would certainly be called into question if I didn’t relay the information I was getting. It serves no useful purpose to just tell people what they want to hear and to be called a phony later. It also doesn’t help the client with the challenges they might be facing.

Q. Is a Telephone, or Online Reading as accurate as a reading in person?

A. Yes. Distance has no effect on the accuracy of readings. We are working in a non-physical sphere of consciousness where physical laws and limitations do not apply.

Q. What is a Medium?

The word medium was introduced into the English vocabulary with the formation of Modern Spiritualism in 1848.A medium is someone who can communicate with spirits/souls who live in the non-physical world or the afterlife. Some refer to this life as either Heaven or the Spirit World. These spirits can be those of loved ones who have passed on or Spirit Guides. A medium uses their psychic faculties (see below) to perform afterlife communications.

Q. What is a psychic?

A. A psychic is someone who is sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences. The origin of the term is Greek, of the soul. One dictionary definition includes the word medium. The terms are pretty interchangeable, although some feel there is a distinct and separate definition of the two terms.

Q. What’s Channeling?

A. Channeling is a synonym for mediumship. Usually it’s trance mediumship. A Channel is a Medium and vice versa. The New Age Community mostly uses the term Channel. And, a Channel usually allows the personality of a Spirit Guide to come through directly through deep trance. A conscious Channel or Medium is in a light trance so that he/she operates in both worlds without going into full trance. Either employs psychic faculties to do both.

Q. What is Trance?

A. Trance is an altered level of consciousness. Light trance may be described as being in an alpha brainwave state while “awake” allowing contact with spiritual energies, souls, spirits etc. Deep Trance is more like delta brainwave state where the “medium” or channel is “unconscious” and another soul uses the medium as a vehicle to communicate directly. Facial expressions and voice are usually completely altered as the Spirit comes through to communicate.

Q. What’s the Difference Between the Terms Paranormal and Supernatural?

A. Nothing really. They’re pretty much synonyms. In common usage today, most people think that the world Paranormal means ghosts and ghost hunting. The said ghosts are usually in the negative category.

Q. What is Distant Energy Healing and how does it Work?

A. Distant Healing does not require a person to be physically present. The person in need of healing can be anywhere. What is required is the intent of the “healer” to send healing thoughts and energies to the person in need of healing. Healing takes place in the subtle energy fields of the body. It gives a person a little subtle energy tune-up. A person is not necessarily cured of disease. This provides spiritual support and is an adjunct to medical treatment. It is part of a holistic approach. This is not a substitution for medical treatment. We encourage people to always rely on credentialed health care providers for their healthcare needs. A person in need of healing must do their part and take responsibility for their lifestyle in order to facilitate healing.

Q. What is Spiritualism?

A. Spiritualism is a Religion, Philosophy and Science whose core belief is that there is an Afterlife (eternal life) where souls/people from the Afterlife are able to communicate with those still living in the physical/material world. A Medium is the channel for this type of communication. There is no death according to Spiritualism, merely a change from physical to non-physical living. I am a Spiritualist Minister who practices this in a Spiritualist Church in addition to my secular work as a Medium.

Q. Can I learn how to do what you do?

Yes. My teaching methods have been obtained from my Spirit Guides. If you are a good student and use my methods, you can develop your psychic/medium gifts to your fullest potential. My goal as an instructor is to teach the student to be accurate and to avoid the mumbo jumbo. Just as in life, each person has his or her own level of ability.

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