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Famous Historical Believers in Afterlife Communications

There were two very famous and important world leaders that I would like to focus on in this article who were believers in Afterlife Communications. They made séances, rappings, and all manner of afterlife communications a part of their lives. Dare I say they were closet Spiritualists, as they did not formally join a Spiritualist Church? Both made extremely important contributions to their respective countries.

Most of us who have studied Canadian history are probably unaware that one of our great Prime Ministers was a Spiritualist. His name was William Lyon Mackenzie King. He had served as Prime Minister for 22 years in the early part of the 20th century. He was a Presbyterian, a devout Christian who was also a Spiritualist.

King did not belong to any Spiritualist Churches or Societies, but pursued his beliefs in private. However, communication with departed loved ones gave him a sense of confidence, encouragement, and upliftment. He did not feel alone.

When King was in opposition in 1930, he took an avid interest in communicating with the spirit world. It was an opportunity to further explore his interests. He had lost several close members of his family and missed them terribly. He looked to mediums to communicate with them as well as friends and politicians he respected who had passed on. Notably, King contacted Sir Wilfred Laurier at séances.

King also explored physical Mediumship. He sat at a table with a medium and received messages through rappings. It was one of his favorite methods of receiving messages.

Mackenzie King wrote of his Spiritualist experiences in diaries that are now held safely in the Canadian Government Archives.

Abraham Lincoln is thought to be a Spiritualist in Spiritualist circles. He is said to have had many séances in the White House. It is also said that slavery was abolished as a result of Lincoln receiving an afterlife communication to do so. See also Nettie Maynard.

From my perspective, these two very important world leaders from history demonstrate the validity of both Spiritualism and Afterlife Communication. Authentic mediumship can have a powerful and positive impact on world events as well as have a positive effect on an individual’s life.

In my estimation, practicing Mediums who are genuine, whether they are secular or Spiritualists are in pretty good company.

I have been speaking about Spiritualism here. It is part of my Journey. It is not my intention to proselytize. Mediumship has been secularized with an abundance of Mediums and their books. Not everyone is comfortable in a religious setting. It’s up to the individual where they are most comfortable. I provide the opportunity for private, secular consultations for those who prefer not to go to a Spiritualist Church. I share my Spiritual Gifts in Church for those who feel comfortable there. I try to provide everyone equal access to their Spirit Guides and Loved Ones, along with Spiritual Guidance regardless of the setting.

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