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Choosing the Right Psychic Medium

An individual should consider several things when choosing a Psychic Medium. In my own spiritual work and over the course of many years, I have seen quite a lot of non-authenticity when it comes to psychics and mediums. Spiritualist Ministers have to be included in the mix. Some celebrity mediums have been knocked off their pedestals as well. These things have been coming up lately.

I am particularly distressed when I see psychics/mediums/spiritualist ministers (readers) give incorrect information to people who are critically ill, have psychiatric disorders or are in a life crisis. It seems that those giving readings whoever they might be are so egocentric about what they have to say that they say pretty much anything often totally unrelated to the question being posed by a recipient in any setting.

I have very strong opinions about accuracy and authenticity in readings. Excellence and being genuine is my mission each and every day. It is important to me to provide the best psychic medium services I can to clients.

As I see it, from questions being posed to the psychic/medium/spiritualist minister, it is blatantly apparent that the reader is totally off base, out of their depth, unqualified, off point, regurgitating things they’ve read, totally wrong in their answers and defacto are making things up.

Ego has been the undoing of many potentially otherwise genuine psychic-mediums. A reading is about the client, not the psychic medium. Then there’s also the attitude “anything for a buck” by some.

No psychic-medium reader can be 100% correct all the time. We are human, may be tired or missed something in the translation from non-linear, psychic language to a very linear language. Sometimes it’s difficult relaying information coming through, depending on who is giving it from the Spirit Realms. We psychic mediums have to process the information through our own brains before passing it along. But, that’s very different from blatantly making things up and passing them off as readings.

Granted, clients can sometimes be responsible by trying to pressure a reader in to telling them what they want to hear. It still isn’t the same as making things up however.

Authentic psychic-mediums will answer questions posed without spiritual doublespeak. Readings must be specific to the circumstances in a recipient’s life. It’s fairly easy for a client if a reader gives details of what’s happening or has happened in a person’s life. Receiving correct information about the future verifies the authenticity of someone’s abilities. (Free will can alter the future, however, and must be taken into account.)

Clients do want explanations. Why is often a big question. That can be answered as well without using spiritual doublespeak.

The bad apples in my type of work sometimes make it difficult for those of us who are genuine and trying to give the best readings possible to our clients and church congregations. Unfortunately the bad apples reflect badly on the good ones. And when clients follow bad “advice” from others, then come to me for help undoing the mess, it becomes difficult.

Individuals need to use a little common sense when choosing a psychic medium reader. Ask yourself if a website or advertising presented by the reader is knowledgeable, professional and balanced. If someone’s advertising is making all kinds of wild claims, stay away. If you cannot get a straight, direct answer from a reader, do likewise. If anyone tries to be controlling, ditto. If readers promote superstitions and spells, run the other way as fast as you can. Do the same if anyone tells you to do something illegal. Stay away from the bizarre and the depraved. Selection can be done in a nice, friendly manner. Find a good fit for you.

Psychics and mediums are only communicators of information. Use good judgment to make your selection. Discernment is one of life’s lessons.

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