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Debunking the Secret and Other Cure Alls, Part 2

I wanted to add some additional information to my article “Debunking the Secret and Other Cure Alls.” I caught a glimpse of Bob Proctor flogging the Secret on CNN. Since I’m only catching bits and pieces of this, I know that I’m not supposed to take any of this in. Anyway, Bob Proctor is a Canadian who has been flogging many variations of this program since the mid 1980s. I was mandated to take one of his courses for work back in the mid 1980s. I didn’t make the connection right away. Well, it’s taken him 20 years to achieve instant fame and fortune. Something to think about……

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  1. Administrator Says:

    I’ve added an interesting article to the Intuitive Power Group. It is by a researcher in parapsychology. In part the article states that there is no benefit to Positive Thinking as outlined in “The Secret.”

    Please click on Parapsychology researcher Dean Radin on ESP, spirituality, and how the consciousness of individuals is connected

    I’ve posted this message under “New Year New Group” as well.