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Debunking The Secret and Other Cure Alls

“The Secret” has been all over the media. I don’t usually pay attention to these things as they are mostly hype, sort of along the lines of the get rich quick schemes. As I’ve had some experience with the concept, I thought this would be the best place to give an opinion.

I am going to preface that what I’m about to say will likely be quite controversial. The title already is, I’m sure. This is in no way a personal slight to anyone, especially those who are struggling or believe they have found the answer to changing their lives. I intuit that there will be individuals who will say I’m completely wrong and being very negative. I can “see it all now.” I’m also trying to be a little more conversational when I write.

I saw a short segment on a CNN program one night a while back on the Secret. Unfortunately, the program ran out of time so I didn’t get much information. Scrolling by at the bottom of the screen, it said the Secret was based on a book written in the early 1900s about getting rich. I missed the title and it didn’t scroll by again. I went to the Secret’s website and couldn’t find the title. What I did see was a reference along the lines of taking from the Philosophers from history (I’m just loosely paraphrasing). Talk about reinventing the wheel! I have to commend these persons on their phenomenal marketing abilities.

When I looked at the Author of the Secret, I did a reading on her for myself. I did not get a good feeling about her or her intentions. This is my way of discerning whether or not someone is genuine. I have saved a lot of money over the years doing this.

Over the course of about 20 years as a Spiritual Worker, there have been many “you can have it all” books and programs. The Law of Attraction and The Law of Cause and Effect are not new concepts either. Here are some references: James Allen, “As a Man Thinketh” 1912 and other books by James Allen; If you have the Secret, you can read excerpts and compare. The Secret may have been based on one of James Allen’s books. As I said, I missed the book title. Other popular authors on the subject in the 20th century were Norman Vincent Peale“The Power of Positive Thinking”; Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich “1937. Then in the 1980s there was Shakti Gawain who was all the rage. After the 1980s, I stopped paying attention. There have been so many others, I could fill up a whole page I’m sure. I think these make my point well enough for a comparison.

What the Secret does and other books and programs like it is feed off an individual’s desire to find immunity from life and all of its trials and tribulations. People like the authors know that there is a huge market for this. When one group of programs fail, there is a lull, then lookout here comes another that will Change Your Life! This reminds me of the weight-loss industry. A new Diet Book is published that doesn’t work almost every week. People still buy these books like mad, hoping maybe this one will work.

The Author said on CNN she was poor and became rich using her program. I’ve heard that one before too from those flogging this type of material. Well of course, she tapped into this huge market of people wanting immunity from life. There will always be a huge market for this. She has a great marketing machine. Outside of this, I really wonder if she could be successful at something else applying her program. Was she successful at something else before marketing this program?

I do believe in the Laws of Attraction and Cause and Effect, but not in the way they are described in the Secret and other books like it. Life is very complex and has many variables. An individual planned their life before they were born. Destiny and Fate have a role. And a Spiritual Plan is an irrevocable, binding contract that has some latitude within that contract where the Laws of Attraction and Cause and Effect can be applied. Some things can be changed, some not. One cannot control everything, especially other people or external forces like the weather as an example. To quote from the Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want; You get what you need, oh yah.” (Who’d have thought I’d ever quote the Rolling Stones!) You get what you need for purposes of Spiritual Growth and the evolution of your Spirit or Soul.

People have come to see me over the years who have diligently applied the “techniques” in all of these programs who have lost much, jobs, businesses, relationships and health. In the spirit of keeping an open mind, I explored these techniques myself some 20 years ago as well. I tested them out. I followed the so-called techniques exactly. They didn’t work. And, those that came to see me were bitterly disappointed and placed blame on themselves. It wasn’t them. It was the program. They bore some responsibility by not exercising common sense, but that’s about it. It took some time before they were able to work through their problems.

There is no cure-all, no magic bullet, and no vaccine for life. Life happens to everyone! It happens to psychics, mediums and ministers. The rich and famous are not immune either. Just look at their personal lives. The only solution is not to incarnate.

I am amazed that large numbers of people equate advertising with the final word on life. And anything on television seems to come from on high. Television, magazines etc aren’t real. I’m not sure why people are unable to tell that advertising is hype. And with all the media bombardment, it’s really a form of brainwashing. The goal of advertisers is to get you to spend, spend, spend! What’s real is the life you are actually living in the environment in which you placed yourself.

Those who are highly enthusiastic about this program will have to learn by experience. That’s how life and things are learned anyway. I would suggest that anyone interested in this doesn’t spend a lot of money. Don’t give up any good, stable jobs, relationships, etc. If you are struggling, don’t risk everything to follow this or other programs of this type. If you have a serious or life-threatening health problem, don’t stop medical treatment.

Try the “techniques” out on small things to see if they work. Use common sense and rationality when setting attainable goals for yourself. Be realistic. And for every action, there is a reaction as in the Law of Cause and Effect. If you don’t have a natural talent at something that can be developed like music, don’t expect to become a rock star.

Finally, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

5 Responses to “Debunking The Secret and Other Cure Alls”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Debunking The Secret and Other Cure Alls, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  2. Administrator Says:

    I can try and explain what you don’t understand.


  3. Michael Says:

    I found this and I sort of think, I think the Secret can give millions or something. I do agree that it is feeding off a desire to be away from trials and tribulations but I don’t see life as that (just me), simply learning. However, I have to agree - I think you are hard on the secret, but having said that, you aer 100% spot on with your points. That is what annoyed me about it. People looked at it and tried it and then whinged when things didn’t go their way. I dont’ have the fatalist view of life and I don’t think things are agreed upon before one incarnates on earth. But, and this is my point Olga, I totally agree it is brainwashing. I’m glad it sort of died down now. I just don’t think we can rule out becoming millionaires or attracting Mr or Mrs Right. But the way the book spells it out as an absolute sure fire method is terrible. Well done for bring this to our attention.

  4. Administrator Says:

    Thanks Michael. I really appreciate your comments.


  5. spirulina Says:

    Interesting post, i bookmarked your blog, best regards