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Chasing Spirit

Back from Sabbatical

I had an impression to share some thoughts on the subject of Chasing Spirit. And found I needed to expand on it a little more than I could say on Twitter where I sometimes share psychic/intuitive insights.

I have noticed the endless pursuit of Spirit consume many people during the 25 plus years I have been involved in Spiritualism. People seem to travel all around the world to so-called power spots and any number of spiritual locales in order to find the divine. Those involved in the New Age Movement that was all the rage some time ago seem to have identified certain areas of the world where they seem to believe they can experience the divine. Those areas have remained spiritually special to many people who are interested in and regard them to be places where they can more easily contact the Other Side, the Heavenly Side of life. The other intent seems to be to find that magical spot to perform miracles, clearing away all of our life’s challenges and making the seekers fabulously wealthy.

It seems that those that make it their life’s work chasing Spirit do not find what they’re looking for because they are looking in the wrong place.

Everyone has all the tools and sometimes latent abilities to contact the divine without leaving their homes. I have found the best tool to be meditation for those who are not mediums already. There are any number of guided meditations that create the atmosphere to experience the divine without leaving the comfort of one’s favorite chair. There are also local Spiritualist Churches where anyone can attend a meditation. I think of meditation as the gateway to the Infinite.

I think some other expectations should be addressed. A conscious and deliberate connection to the Infinite/Divine does not remove life’s challenges. The life each of us lives has a purpose, to experience and pursue soul growth or evolution. Each one has within one’s life all the experiences, people needed towards that end. It isn’t elsewhere.

Those that guide me do not suggest that the purpose of life is to shop, running up debt buying poorly made off-shore goods. Those that want us to think that way seem to be purveyors of those things who want to make us feel insecure about ourselves if we’re not buying what they’re selling. Also the pursuit of money to the extent it is being pursued today (greed seems to have become somewhat pathological in some quarters with karmic repercussions) is also not the purpose of life, nor will it be fulfilling. Being a blessing to someone may be.

I suggest real happiness, a state of mind, comes from having good family and friends that you can share your life with good times and bad. And when you ask (pray) or meditate requesting help from the divine you will receive it within your own life’s framework. Spirit/the divine is only a thought, a prayer away. Be assured no need to chase Spirit all over the globe when they’re where you are right now.

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