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Is Anyone There?……….Tips For The Non Medium


I thought it would be helpful to share some tips for non mediums for recognizing when someone’s loved ones are around. While everyone has latent medium abilities, not everyone will have them unfold during their lives. They will remain dormant.

There are any number of reasons for this. I suggest one of the main reasons may be the way in which each of us has chosen to evolve our spirit or soul here on Earth.

Other subordinate, but by no means all, reasons may be the fear factor, that is being frightened out of our wits if we were to see a spirit; we have other areas where we must focus in a particular lifetime; or the intent we have for being able to be a medium. Where intent is concerned, the higher evolved Spirit Forces will not help anyone to do harm.

Expanding on that, what will one do with the information received via mediumship? The purpose of mediumship is to be of service, to console the bereaved proving the existence of the Afterlife. Also mediumship helps comfort those who have passed on by allowing them to communicate with those still physically living. Mediumship may be comforting to those in hospice as well as providing proof that there is an Afterlife for all of us. These are some of the factors as to whether or not one unfolds their mediumship.

There are those who study and attend mediumship unfoldment circles for years (I’ve heard of 20 years or more without results). I would say that perhaps they weren’t meant for mediumship in this lifetime. And that’s just fine. Everyone has their own individual natural talents.

Loved ones in the Afterlife only come to visit because they love, care and have concern for us, not for any other reason. This needs to be said because of the other sensational, misleading, negative, misconceptions about mediumship held by some people.

So here are some tips for the non medium. If one spontaneously thinks of a loved one who has crossed over, they are likely around. If you start using phrases that a loved one only uses, they are likely around. When you look at a photograph of a loved one, they are likely around. If you think a loved one is standing next to you, they’re likely there. When you are doing a pleasant activity that you used to do together with a loved one, they are likely there.

Sometimes in people’s grief what is sensed is dismissed as just an emotional reaction to grief. It’s been my experience that it’s those things that we must acknowledge because our loved ones are trying to let us know that they’re around and fine. This applies to both people and pets.

You may wish to refer to my other Blog post “So You Wanna Be a Medium” for a few more insights.

I think what I’ve listed above will give the reader some helpful hints as it were to be able to tell when their loved ones are near. So in answer to the question “Is anyone There?” There probably is.

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