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Back from Sabbatical

After taking a sabbatical from Blogging, I hope to post some new Articles soon. I have recently added a new Page to the Blog, so have already begun adding material to it. Please have a look in the Pages Section to the right under Spiritualist Directory.

In the interim I have been posting links to the Blog on Twitter to Articles with topics that I think are universal. They are as relevant today as the original posting date as I’ve described previously here.

I have also been thinking of sprucing up my Blog, but may have to move it to another location since I’m not exactly a computer programmer. Code is not exactly poetry to me as it is to some. No decisions have been made yet as I look at the options available.

My current Blog’s theme is minimilistic not unlike Google’s simple design for search and their other products. So consideration will be given as to whether I need a different design/theme. Perhaps the K.I.S.S. formula would still be the most appropriate as long as there is substance and functionality in the Blog.

Notifications of changes, if any, will be posted in one or more places. Please visit the Pages Section to the right and bookmark, subscribe or follow me as indicated in the Pages to receive notifications.

Note: Please post any comments to the post in the Intuitive Power Group with the subject “Back to Blogging” . Comments have been turned off due to the volume of spam being submitted to the Blog.

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