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Principles of Spiritualism

Emma Hardinge Britten

While Modern Spiritualism has no Dogmas or Creeds per se, there are two fairly widely used sets of Principles. Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand mostly use those brought forward through the mediumship of one of the pioneers of Spiritualism Emma Hardinge Britten (pictured above). There is some conflicting information about her Principles, whether or not the Spirit of Robert Owen communicated them to Britten( This information may be found on Psypioneer’s website.)

Spiritualists in the U.S.A. use a different set of Principles adopted and revised at various points in history by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. Both sets of Principles are in no way fixed. Independent Churches and Organizations may or may not use them, but may have variations on them. Christian Spiritualist Churches, for example, may use references to the Bible additionally.

Spiritualists seem to be free and independent thinkers as evidenced by the many Independent Churches, Organizations and Centers that can be found on the internet.

Please note that this Article originally appeared as part of the Spiritualist Connections discussion Group and has been reproduced editted here due to Google format changes. This topic is part of my spiritual journey.

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