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Spirituality Matters All Year Long


It’s the Christmas season once again. This time of year makes me reflect more on spirituality and what real wealth is because of the power shopping that goes on. The frenzied shopping has begun with post Thanksgiving sales. The acquisition of mountains of things is especially highlighted for me at this time of year.

I think people have lost sight of what’s really important. North American society seems to have turned into shopping junkies. The economy is based on unhealthy consumerism in my opinion. This has caused the economic problems we are facing today.

I don’t find anything wrong with giving gifts symbolizing the love and affection that we feel for our friends and family. What I think is very self destructive is shopping so much that it causes financial strain often through unnecessary credit card debt.

I think an economy based on what I call shopaholicism or frenzied consumerism is very unhealthy. It is bad not only for our pocket books, but bad for our psychological health and the environment.

The psychological ill health comes from worrying about how to pay for the unnecessary things where we’ve overspent. For some their self worth and esteem is measured by what they have or don’t have. And, the companies who cause that feeling of low self esteem are those that are trying to sell us something. I shake my head when I’m shown a piece of cheap vinyl or plastic made offshore for pennies that is grossly overpriced because it has some “designer” name on it. I’m supposed to be impressed by this. I’m not.

The bad for the environment part comes in because in North America we have become a throw away society, filling up land fills with the junk we buy. Nothing is made to last anymore, so we have to keep buying things to replace broken things. We also don’t repair things much anymore, just buy new. That all ends up in land fills. Same things happen when fads are followed. Have to keep buying new “in” things so have to throw out the old out of fashion things. Really bad for the environment.

Nowadays many people think that if they don’t have the latest tech gadget they’re deprived. Sometimes the way some people talk I think that it’s going to come to people thinking they’re deprived if they don’t have 2 Hummers in the driveway of their palatial home. Advertisers make people think they lack everything. That’s what motivates people to buy.

Today many people judge others by what they have (whether its designer, expensive, current fad etc.) and not by who they are. Not very spiritually evolved in my opinion.

Marketers seem to have made giving cash socially unacceptable. One must opt for a gift card (essentially cash) at a retailer. A gift card often has fees and an expiry date . Cash doesn’t, it’s good everywhere. Put cash in a pretty envelope or gift bag, better that way I think.

We’ve gotten away from what really matters. We abandon our elderly to nursing or retirement homes without advocating on their behalf not because it is beyond us to look after them, but in the majority of cases because it crimps our lifestyles. Why anyone would think that strangers would look after or love our parents, grandparents like we do is beyond me.

North Americans have deconstructed the extended family again because it interferes with lifestyles. This has caused the dismantling of our family support systems. These cannot be replaced by strangers in institutions. Horrors if we cannot go shopping and run up credit cards!

Our society has thrown those with medical conditions whether mental illness, substance abuse or just bad luck onto the streets to fend for themselves with only struggling charities providing band-aid solutions.

The way we treat animals is also a testament as to how we’ve evolved. Gandhi said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. I don’t think society has progressed much morally with all the abandoned animals in high kill shelters and rescue groups. The way animals and fish are farmed and slaughtered in the most horrendous conditions speaks volumes about the moral progress of North Americans. My personal choice is to be vegetarian.

These are but a few examples of what’s gone wrong with North American Society.

Many “spiritual” groups have focused on teaching that we are all entitled to vast riches beyond our imagination rather than what real spiritual wealth is.

Spiritually speaking real wealth is love and compassion towards our family, friends, humanity, animals and the environment. And not just lip service or writing a small check every now and again to charity. That’s the easy way and does not help one bit in our spiritual evolution. What really counts is when we are actually doers and live our lives with love and compassion. Objects cannot give anyone a hug, or share laughter or sadness.

Whether Here or the Hereafter in the grand scheme of things as it relates to the universe, we are evaluated on the basis of how we have lived rather than the stuff we have acquired over our lifetimes. The lives we live Here (through reincarnation) or Hereafter depends on it as well. Our soul’s progress depends on it.

As we shop till we drop this Christmas, perhaps we could reflect on these things and refer back to what Christmas giving was all about in St. Nicholas to Santa Claus . Spirituality not things matters all year long.

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