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Fishing Mediums, Psychics Leave Me Cold

Fishing Expedition

Over the summer I have had the opportunity to observe a few different styles of mediumship and psychic readings being demonstrated at events I had attended. I have found what I have seen a bit disturbing. I thought about whether to Blog about this for a long time. I came to the decision to state my views on what I had seen. For the record what I’m about to describe is not what I do.

There apparently is a style of mediumship that is being taught and demonstrated in the United Kingdom, in Canada and perhaps elsewhere where the Medium or Psychic stands up in a room full of people and “receives” some type of supernatural communication. I’ll use Worker to describe the individual that is demonstrating mediumship or psychic readings.

The Worker does not go to an individual and deliver the communication/information to a specific recipient. The Worker rather stands in front of an audience (could be fifty people or more) and asks whether anyone can place the information. Hands go up and through a process of elimination plus multiple questions and answers, the recipient in the audience is located maybe. Further questions and answers ensue to finally arrive at the information to be conveyed to the recipient. This procedure takes quite a long time. I have heard of it referred to as the “indirect method”.

I don’t know who decided that this style of communicating was something to be promoted or when. But it reflects badly on the authenticity of mediumship/Spiritualism and psychic communications in my opinion. The workers at best look like they’re guessing. At worst they look like frauds. Likely those using this style have good intentions. It’s that I strongly disagree with this “method” as should we all in my opinion for the reasons I’m about to describe.

Detractors and malingers of psychics and mediums/Spiritualists have always said that psychics, mediums, and Spiritualists are frauds. This includes Harry Houdini. It is due to what I have described above. It is called Cold Reading and/or Fishing . Cold Reading methods are the same as what I have described in the previous paragraphs of this post. You can buy any number of books on the subject on the internet. Con artists, magicians, and carnival fortunetellers have used this method since Harry Houdini’s time, perhaps even earlier.

There is also a magician on the internet whose mission is to stamp out frauds. I prefer not to advertise his name. You can read more about this magician on Victor Zammit’s website. Mr. Zammit has done a fine job making a case for genuine mediumship in my opinion. This particular magician’s mission seems to be to expose those who do cold readings/fishing. He targets everyone including Spiritualists.

Spiritualists in particular have worked very hard over many years and endured much in order to establish credibility. Sadly, there was some fraud early on in the Spiritualist Movement. It has been an uphill battle to overcome the misconceptions about mediumship and to gain credibility and respectability where the public has been concerned. I believe this has been eroded and will continue to erode so long as methods indistinguishable from cold reading/fishing are being taught and promoted.

When any official Spiritualist Body promotes something that is identical to what con artists use, it sets Spiritualism back and to say it reflects badly on Spiritualism is an understatement. I gather this has been going on for a while in some places.

I also think that Spiritualists/mediums and psychics from the United Kingdom (U.K.) need to familiarize themselves with the laws when they work abroad. There is no requirement in Canada for instance to call something that is part of a religious service or religious teaching an experiment. I gather that is something new that is required by law in the U.K. The same applies if Canadian Spiritualists are traveling abroad and are working as mediums. The laws of the land should be followed in any given country.

Has anyone in the United Kingdom made the connection between the new laws governing Spiritualism a couple of years ago that I think resulted in part from the similarity of demonstrations to Fishing/Cold readings? The Law I’m referring to is The Fraudulent Mediums Act.

I often reflect is it any wonder why attendance at Spiritualist Churches is dwindling with such widespread media focus and attention brought to mediumship by celebrity mediums and psychics? People come to Spiritualist Churches in this day and age for accuracy and professional comportment. They don’t come back when both are lacking. Certainly, they won’t come back if they’re being interviewed or quizzed rather than being given information that’s been received through authentic psychic mediumship. This has been my observation over the years.

My psychic faculties tell me that the fishing style will dwindle eventually. It will require much criticism of the Spiritualist Movement to end this practice of imitating Fishing/Cold Reading in the United Kingdom and other places it might be practiced.

I strongly suggest that anyone who wants to study Spiritualism, mediumship, and psychic development find a group that doesn’t teach the fishing/cold reading style. Many of the same things apply when selecting education as in my previous Article “Choosing The Right Psychic Medium.” I also strongly urge those who are promoting the Fishing/Colding reading practices to stop.

If you are an authentic medium or psychic, you should be able to find the person in the room that you need to speak to and communicate the information without constant questioning of the audience. The same applies to private consultations. In my opinion, if you cannot, then you’re not ready and/or are not authentic.

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