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Psychic Insights

Psychic Third Eye

While I’ve often said in many Blog posts that no one is immune from life or its lessons, including psychics and mediums, from time to time I do receive psychic and mediumistic insights from the spirit/spiritual realm on many topics and themes. However, conclusions shouldn’t be drawn that I receive these insights on anything and everything all the time. And, I have no magic wand or pill for life’s challenges that we all experience. I have said this many times. And, I can’t repeat it often enough. There are spiritual reasons for many of life’s challenges as I’ve also said many times throughout my Blog.

I will and have shared those insights that I have received when appropriate from those who dwell in the higher levels of consciousness or planes of existence. So what I’ve been doing is posting some of them on Twitter as my opinions (some I consider expert opinions), the very condensed versions at least. These psychic-mediumistic-spiritual insights do rightly fall under the heading of opinions I believe.

There have been many insights and inspirations that I have received from the Spirit World(a.k.a. Heaven, Afterlife) over the course of my Blog. Some are what I call universal insights in that one can relate to them regardless of the time frame. Others apply to specific times and topics. I believe there is quite a lot of helpful information that has been written so far and is still relevant today. I’ve been Blogging since 2006 (can hardly believe it myself) so there’s been quite an accumulation of information over approximately 4 years as of the date of this Blog post.

As I’m inspired and impressed from the Spirit World, I will continue to write Blog articles as I can expand on subjects using this format. Sometimes, condensed versions are more appropriate and timely where Twitter is more appropriate.

I invite you all to read through the Archives. I believe you’ll find something to interest you. If you have read my Articles/Posts regularly, I believe there will always be something that will stand out, a kind of “oh yeah!” or “I forgot about that” moment. I find I get different things out of material I’ve read before at different times. It depends on what resonates at the time I find.

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