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Was There Eternal Life Before Jesus?


Was there Eternal Life before Jesus is something to ponder? The short answer is yes. There are certain denominations of Christians who believe there was nothing before the coming of the Christ.

Christian Spiritualism’s perspective seems to be different. Christian Spiritualists while following the teachings of the Christ, believing that He was the greatest Medium that ever was, do not necessarily believe that there was a void where everything was in limbo before Christ’s coming. The Universe has always had a natural order with God (whatever term you prefer to use), an omnipotent presence governing through Natural Law. This Natural Law is infinite. Human beings are the only ones that have placed God in a narrow box. Humanity has found it very difficult to think outside the box. Hence, we have had philosophers who have done it for humans throughout the ages.

The Universe operates on Natural Laws, God’s laws if you will. Some laws we know and understand. Others are beyond our comprehension. Space exploration and powerful telescopes have expanded our horizons and knowledge exponentially, as has Quantum Physics. Many have embraced the knowledge. Still many others live in the past, in denial and deliberate ignorance. The Universe has always been there in a time and space continuum beyond our comprehension. It is now being revealed to us as it has been in the past, the information being lost in time.

God would never allow any life form on Earth to vanish into nothingness either before or after the teachings of Jesus. Everything has its place in the Universe. Once our earthly journey is over, every living creature has a place in Heaven or the Afterlife. One’s place in Heaven or the Afterlife has always depended upon true spiritual qualities expressed in one’s life. Someone who has been good and kind, not through words, but actual deeds finds themselves in a higher level of existence or consciousness. One can have a lot of money, cars and possessions. That, however, will not give access to the higher planes in Heaven or the Afterlife. Those that have lived their lives negatively, violently, maliciously will find themselves with those at that level in the Afterlife. A mention should be made that if an individual’s bad conduct/character in life is a result of a physical disease such as fetal alcohol syndrome, brain disease/malfunction, their place in the Afterlife is determined absent of physical disease. These persons are treated differently. The Law of Cause and Effect or Karma plays a large role in determining life here in the physical as well as life in the hereafter.

There is a place for all animals, birds and underwater animals in Heaven as well. The focus of this Article will be on human beings, however.

As the door to reformation is never closed, everyone has a chance to redeem themselves as many times as necessary via reincarnation. This is truly a chance to get it right regardless how many incarnations are required. The Universe is one of justice so many individuals live lives of atonement with the opportunity for redemption by demonstrating acts of goodness to offset the bad if you will. As previously mentioned, the concept of Natural Law of Cause and Effect comes into play here. Or to put it another way, the Bible expresses it as sowing and reaping.

A few examples of Civilizations who believed, spoke and wrote about the existence of the Afterlife were ancient Greek Philosophers such as: Plato , Socrates and Pythagoras (some Spiritualists refer to these philosophers as the first spiritualists); ancient Egyptians who as we know went to great lengths to prepare for the Afterlife; ancient Chinese and Vietnamese peoples paid homage to their ancestors during Confucius’ time, a practice still performed today in some places in China; the Hindu religion with special mention of the Vedas (re: ancestors) also speaks at length about the order of the Universe, the Afterlife and Ancestors; Native Aboriginal Peoples of North America have diverse Afterlife beliefs as in the Iroquois and Dakota nations. All of the examples just mentioned predate Jesus and Modern Spiritualism for that matter by hundreds to thousands of years.

As time has passed and civilizations have co-mingled, it would seem that humans have incorporated many belief systems into current and past philosophies. There is even a discussion on the internet and TV that Judaism and Christianity have taken their beliefs from ancient Egypt, more specifically from the monotheistic Pharoah Akhenaten , Tutonkhamun’s Father.

So the short answer is still yes to whether there was an Afterlife for all before Jesus.

Note: There is an abundance of internet information about the various Afterlife Philosophers for those who would like to read about them in greater depth. Any number of search terms will yield many results.

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