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What a client might expect from Intuitive Power Corp. during an appointment may be found by clicking on About Us. Everything covered during our appointment is considered part of our services. On prepaid services and items, there are no refunds once an appointment has begun; if the service has been performed; if Intuitive Power Corp has contacted the client to perform the service; or if the client misses their appointment. There is a 20% Refund Processing Service Charge on qualified refunds(to be determined by Intuitive Power Corp.) Full refund will be given for Education or appointments cancelled by Intuitive Power Corp if the Education or Appointment cannot be rescheduled; or if any item cannot be delivered. Special Refund Notations and Exceptions, if any, appear on each individual Catalog item. One reschedule of appointment will be allowed on 24hrs Notice only. Intuitive Power Corp. accepts no responsibility for tapes lost or damaged in the mail. All Fees, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Information are subject to change anytime without notice but will be accessible on Intuitive Power Corp.'s website. Errors and ommissions are excluded. By adding your name to our guestbook or e-mail list , you agree from time to time to receive e-mails from Intuitive Power Corp. including by not limited to holiday notifications. The user/client understands/accepts/agrees that orders placed during holidays will be processed and bookings made after holidays. A notification will appear on the Products Page of this website regarding bookings. Intuitive Power Corp. reserves the right to delete Reviews, if any, and decline appointments at its sole discretion. Intuitive Power Corp.'s services are for entertainment purposes only. The client/user agrees to keep information provided during appointments by Intuitive Power Corp. confidential. Intuitive Power Corp. is not responsible for outside website content nor does it necessarily endorse any sites that link to its websites. The client and or user of Intuitive Power Corp.ís services, website, education, subdomains, divisions agrees to hold Intuitive Power Corp., its directors, officers, shareholders, subcontractors, employees, service providers, agents, divisions, subdomains etcetera harmless from any liability whatsoever and indemnified therefrom in connection with but not limited to its services, website, subdomains, divisions, education or any entity, individuals or anything connected to Intuitive Power Corp. in any manner whatsoever. The client/user accepts and agrees to the Disclaimers on this Website, business hours and Terms of Use by using/utilizing Intuitive Power Corp's website, subdomains, divisions and services or anything or anyone connected to Intuitive Power Corp. in any manner whatsoever.
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Privacy Policy
Intuitive Power Corp. collects personal information such as but not limited to; name address, telephone, credit card information in its normal course of business. Intuitive Power Corp. does not sell, share or publish its client or mailing lists. All consultations/readings/appointments are stricly confidential. Intuitive Power Corp. shares information from time to time with credit card companies, individuals, or businesses in its normal course of business. Privacy Policy may change anytime without notice, but will be accessible on Intuitive Power Corp.'s website. The client or user irrevocably agrees to the foregoing Privacy Policy by utilizing Intuitive Power Corp.'s services, website, subdomains and divisions or anything whatsoever connected to Intuitive Power Corp .

The Information and Privacy Commissioner can be reached at 112 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1H3: Tel--613-995-8210; Toll free--1-800-282-1376: www.privcom.gc.ca
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