Books, tapes, music on Spiritual subjects may be found here, both new and used.
Canadian Naturopathic College
The Canadian Naturopathic College provides certified training for Naturopathic Doctors(holistic approach) that includes training in treating anxiety and depression ; has a referral service for Naturopaths; and has a Student Clinic open to the public for treatment at a significantly lower fee.
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Quality Psychic Medium Services!
MMI Radio
MMI Radio. Radio programming of Inspirational Moments.
National Spiritualist Association of Churches
National Spiritualist Association of Churches is a national organization in the U.S.A.
Social Services for the Greater Toronto Area
To access all Social Services in the Greater Toronto Area, DIAL 311. Outside of Toronto, look in your telephone directory under Charities or Government. Information of this nature is contained in the telephone directories of most large Cities. You may also perform Web Searches. Most social service organizations have websites.
Toronto Spiritualist Temple
Toronto Spiritualist Temple holds weekly Church services in Toronto and is licensed by the Province of Ontario to perform marriages. It has associated Branches in Ontario where marriages can also be performed. Space is available for rent at some locations.
Intuitive Power Corp.
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Survival Research Institute
Provides a Directory of Spiritualist Churches in Canada. Does research into the existence of the Afterlife. Publishes several publications.
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The College of Psychologists of Ontario
Regulating body for Psychologists and Psychological Associates. Lists its members. Members have either a doctorate or masters degree in Psychology.
Intuitive Power
Spiritualist Connections Online Virtual Meeting Place/Chapel
*Highly Recommended*
"Our Mission is to provide: an area where you can peacefully sojourn, enjoy the beautiful music, meditations and prayers:a place to learn about the Religion, Science and Philosophy of Spiritualism;......the only Religion that proves the existence of Eternal Life by utilizing the spiritual gifts of Mediums to connect with the Afterlife or the Other Side"
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Toronto Cat Rescue
Rescues and adopts cats through a foster home network. A no kill all volunteer group working with the public to promote individual responsibility for animal welfare.
Toronto Wildlife Centre
Rescues wildlife in distress, and provides medical care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wild animals with the goal of releasing recovered patients back into the wild.