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Psychic, Spiritualist Medium, Channeling, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Healing, Blog, Forum and Educational Services are provided by us. Based in Toronto, services are performed by Olga Bugiel who is a Spiritualist Minister, gifted Medium, Psychic, Healing Channel, Curriculum Developer, and Instructor/Tutor.
"....I have improved relationships with my family, made better career decisions, developed greater spiritual awareness, and experienced more peace of mind...." M. J. M.Sc

What you teach, I get the experience of."... P. Davidson
"....I will continue to share your site address with everyone that I can. Thanks for your very hard work.... J.J.
....with dedication, integrity, accuracy and compassion
Olga Bugiel has over 23 years of experience in the spiritual arts in Toronto and Ontario both professionally and as a volunteer. She is commited to providing universal access to all spiritual services in both secular and non-secular environments. Volunteerism has
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been an important part of her spiritual work. She has lectured, written articles for Church publications, performed spiritual healing and worked as a spiritualist medium in a volunteer capacity at Spiritualist Church services in Toronto, Burlington and Brantford, Ontario. Olga has also held seminars at the Learning Annex; classes and meditation at Spiritualist Churches; and has done education at other locales. She has also been a contributor to curriculum development. Whenever in Lily Dale New York, (largest Spiritualist Camp in perhaps the world) she has volunteered her services as a Medium at its famous Stump. And she has appeared on television and in the print media. In addition to being a Spiritualist Minister, Olga Bugiel holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree. Studying psychology and sociolology at University throughout her entire degree program has given her a solid foundation in couselling. This has enhanced her spiritual counselling gifts.
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